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Green Transcripts

While it may seem impossible to have a 100% paperless office, there are steps a law firm can implement to be on the way to a paperless office.  Omega Reporting is here to help you streamline your carbon footprint and help you to strive to be paperless.  On your next deposition, just ask for your Green Transcript!  

altWhat is a Green Transcript?

  • Electronic files of the deposition and/or hearing, along with any exhibits, in multiple formats (condensed PDF, ASCII, full size PDF, and .ptx)
  • All electronic files have a word index included
  • Electronic transcripts include an electronic signature of the court reporter.
  • If exhibits are marked during the deposition, the exhibits are scanned and then linked within the electronic file.  
  • Click here to see how easy it is to navigate an Omega electronic transcript.

There are so many great reasons to strive to go paperless.  Dirk Jordan (via the ABA website) lists his top reasons on going paperless. The ultimate advantage of ordering a Green Transcript, in conjunction with our online repository, i-Tran, is that it gives you instant access to your depositions in one secure location and allows you to search with one click!  Gone are the days where you need to search your folders or hard drive for a deposition transcript.

When you order a Green Transcript, you also will have the added benefit of a lower per page cost and, also, no more shipping and handling fees for mailing the transcripts!  Clients who ask for the electronic version when ordering either an original or a copy will enjoy a .25/page savings.  

According to the Shelby County E-filing FAQs:

"What documents can be E-filed?? Basically, any documents may be E-filed. The one exception would be ‘depositions’ or ‘trial transcripts’ submitted for cases filed prior to June 25, 2012. These cases began as "paper files", before electronic filing began, and the court requires that these ‘depositions’ and ‘transcripts’ continue to be submitted as bound documents for these cases."

Here’s what Matt Porter and Amanda Strange of Porter & Strange have to say about their experience with a Green Transcript:

"Lynette, we really like the ease of use and lower costs associated with your Green Transcript.  During the recent trial you handled for us, it was invaluable to have received the daily copy transcript later that evening on your repository.  Having access to this technology, we were able to adequately prepare for the next day’s testimony. Knowing we reduced expenses for our client and minimizing our carbon footprint are added bonuses.  Thanks so much!"

Schedule your deposition and/or hearing and ask for your Green Transcript to take advantage of cost savings while at the same time reducing your carbon footprint.  Discover another reason why Omega Reporting is the Ultimate in Professional Reporting . . .



Focus on Professionalism

When searching for and selecting a Memphis certified court reporter, attorneys look to Omega Reporting to ensure they receive the most reliable and professional court reporter.  Omega Reporting is a court reporting firm based in the Memphis, Tennessee area.  For nearly three decades, the founders of Omega have been providing expert court reporting to attorneys in Memphis and across the nation.  Our focus is on professionalism, technology, and accuracy -- the ultimate in court reporting. Our clients may be assured when booking a job with us that a timely, reliable, and professional certified court reporter will work with them on each assignment.  


Client Feedback

"As you know, we have had many different court reporters serve all of us through the pendency of this case, and it is our consensus that you have by far provided us all with the most accurate and immaculate reporting product.  We all agree that your competence and efficiency far exceeds any of the other reporters who have worked with us on depositions and in trial."

D.R., Attorney -- Houston, Texas


"After a rocky start trying to find an excellent realtime reporter in Memphis, I found Lynette Mueller.  She is truly excellent in many respects.  She provided great realtime and rough drafts, as well as professional interface with the clients, for several highly technical depositions.  I can wholeheartedly recommend Lynette, knowing she will consistently provide, in fact, ultimate court reporting services."

Shari Moss -- San Francisco, California


“Lynette is always professional, both in appearance and demeanor. She takes her responsibilities seriously and is very detail oriented. I would have no hesitation in recommending her or her firm for any court reporting assignment that comes up.”

Martha Davis -- Nashville, Tennessee


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