Using Technology to Its Full Potential

Since the introduction and release of the iPhone on June 29, 2007, the attitudes about the device have changed dramatically among legal professionals. In a recent article on, Patrick J. O’Connor, a partner in Harper, Mayer, Hagen, O’Connor, Albert & Dribin , a Miami law firm, says this: “At this point, technology is so integrated and essential to the practice of law that [gadgets are] looked at as standard issue.”

I have to admit that I readily and enthusiastically committed to the iPhone and its multiple features from the device’s inception. I feel it is an essential tool to aid me in my day-to-day business with paralegals and attorneys alike.

As we all know, technology is great when it works. Today I experienced an outage of my Internet service with my carrier that lasted for most of the day. Did I let that stop me from continuing on with the production of transcripts and uploading of my files to the Secure Online Repository? Indeed not!

When I upgraded to my iPad 2 a few months ago, I elected to add the feature of a personal hotspot (sometimes referred to as Internet tethering) on my mobile phone plan. So rather than bemoan the fact that I had no Internet this afternoon, I immediately decided to tether my iPhone with my MacBook Air! It worked like a charm and I was able to continue with my production of transcripts and uploading of my files. I was also able to continue answering my emails and Google some proper names for production of accurate transcripts. Taking advantage of technology is great!

Click on the image below for a short video tutorial on how to tether your iPhone with your computer. If you need help troubleshooting your personal hotspot, click here to review an article from Apple’s website.

How to Tether Your iPhone With Your Laptop

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